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Our Canadian Customs Broker Services:

• We provide personalized service with our professional team!
• ACROSS, PARS, INPARS, RMD releases via EDI (electronic release)
• Representation in Canada for U.S. and non-resident importers
• Canadian Duty drawbacks
• Claims and/or refunds
• Tariff analysis for importing to Canada
• Request a re-determination of tariff classification or value for duty
• Duty Deferral Program
• Applying for duty relief for certain goods
• Provide Customs Consulting Service to solve difficult Customs problems
• Government or Foreign Consulate Diplomatic Goods Customs Clearance
• Temporary Import Goods Clearance for Conference/Exhibition/Movie Making/Sports Games
• Personal Effect Customs clearance
• Export Declaration
• Apply Import / Export Permit
• Apply for ATA carnet
• Products Marking & Labeling Advise